(1) Mass Transit
(2) 100% renewable energy – Sun, Wind and Water – by year 2030
(3) Adhering to the Arms Export Control Act.  Click HERE to read about it
(4) The Economy
(5) The Federal Debt
(1) Build Rail,…. All types of rail: high-speed, light-rail, passenger and freight
(2) Installing an auditable accounting system at the Pentagon
(3) Stopping those no-bid, uncontested contract awards
(4) Eliminate the Foreign Military Sales program
(1) Eliminate the financial barriers that prevent building Rail
(2) Install an auditable accounting system, count the money and cut out the waste
(3) Stop those no-bid, uncontested contracts
(4) Move funding from the Federal Highway Administration to the Federal Transit Administration for Rail
(5) Connect Washington Metro Area with Nationwide High-Speed Rail Corridors.  Click HERE to read more
(6) Bring our children home and turn overseas bases over to our friends and allies

Keep the economy vibrant with Rail
Rail built anywhere in America benefits all of America
When Northern Virginia prospers all of Virginia prospers. Rail will keep us moving forward. Grow revenue by building Rail! Home values along light-rail lines have increased on average $210,000!

Priorities in Virginia:
New Tracks, More Trains, More often for VRE and Amtrak
Light rail around the Beltway at 1/5 the cost of those deadly tollroads.
Dedicated passenger rail Alexandria to Fredericksburg to Richmond; Williamsburg to Charlottesville
Rail along I-395, I-95, I-81
Doubled passenger rail capacity in Virginia within five years.
Double-stack, double track Virginia Avenue Tunnel
Connect Washington Metro Area with Nationwide High-Speed Rail Corridors
High-speed rail across Virginia. To Richmond, Virginia Beach, Roanoke, Bristol.
Beautify and protect our community with adequate funding for education, police and fire protection, and environmental preservation.

Keep Virginia businesses and workers competitive: innovate with Rail.
We need more Rail. We need high-speed Rail nationwide: reliable, clean, efficient, quiet, safe Rail service.
Make Virginia safer for families: 34,000 Americans die every year on our highways. 1,000 are Virginians. 430,000 are injured every year in auto accidents. Rail service is safer and cuts our dependency on foreign oil. Rail can provide jobs and access to jobs and shopping.
Effect government that is fiscally conservative and socially responsible.
Cutting our addiction to oil by building rail enables us to, have cleaner air, cleaner water and spend less time commuting.
To move comparable ton-miles a vehicle would need to get over 300 miles to the gallon.
Gail supports one-time federal tax break incentives of 25% on rail improvement projects to increase rail speed, separate rail traffic from road traffic and add capacity.
Gail supports coordinated transit and priority, dedicated housing for bikes at train stations.



This campaign is about positive solutions, fiscally conservative government, addressing our need for passenger rail service in Virginia, and high-speed Rail nationwide.
We need more candidates on the ballot to advocate for rail and for common sense fiscally conservative government. We recruit YOU to join us. It is in the public’s interest to build Rail in Virginia
More Trains, Less Traffic.
Let’s innovate with rail.
We need a rail advocate in every race. Join us today! Stand on the ballot!

More Trains, Less Traffic.
Let’s innovate with rail.
We need a rail advocate in every race. Join us today! Stand on the ballot!

Authorized and paid for by Glenda G. Parker